Business Planning

Chaskes Kazdoy brings nimble, strategic thinking and deep industry expertise to bear in helping companies optimize their resources, protect their assets, improve performance and take full advantage of their opportunities. To those ends, the firm offers practical insights and assistance with budgeting, internal controls, accounting procedures and software selection, inventory management, buy-sell agreements, and financial due diligence related to acquisition and selling of businesses.

Litigation Services

Whether working directly with attorneys, supporting companies and their owners in dispute resolution, or advising them on the financial implications of legal agreements, Chaskes Kazdoy provides incisive analysis of the relevant data, assists in negotiations and identifies and resolves tax issues.

Financing Assistance

From identifying appropriate financial institutions to facilitating negotiations, Chaskes Kazdoy works with companies at every stage of development in obtaining the financing they need to achieve their goals. We assist with cash flow analysis, budgeting, terms and conditions of credit facilities and management of borrowing costs.

Forecasts and Projections

Chaskes Kazdoy provides financial forecasts and projections to help management track and compare actual results to forecasted expectations, where examination of variances and their causes can lead to greater profitability and productivity. These tools also prove valuable in financial planning for business growth/contraction and seasonal needs, communicating credit requirements and their timing to creditors, and negotiating lines of credit with financial institutions.