Reviews can provide the assurance that management or outside parties such as creditors and investors require, without the expense of a full-scale audit. Through analytical procedures applied to financial data and inquiries of company personnel, our reviews offer limited assurance that client financial statements require no material modifications to be in accordance with accounting principles generally accepted in the U.S. With Chaskes Kazdoy’s keen understanding of our clients’ businesses and industries, reviews also enable us to better advise management on improving operational efficiency.


The preparation of financial statements can demand more time and expertise than a company may have available internally. Our compilation services enable management to present financial information in the form of financial statements without the burden of obtaining or providing assurances that material modifications are not required. Compilations can also serve as useful tools for management, helping to track important financial data. Chaskes Kazdoy brings deep business and industry expertise to bear in compiling financial statements and presenting them professionally, in the proper form.